Ana Mancini photos – is she post-op???

Ana-Mancini-photos-1 Ana-Mancini-photos-2 Ana-Mancini-photos-4

Hey, just look at this bunch of Ana Mancini photos that I have just found on the Net! Is Ana a post-op tranny now? I mean, the first pic is not showing no bulge in her tiny thongs and the last one… I will never believe her cock is so tiny she managed to hide it behind her little palm! That’s one hell of an enigma – let’s go hit her site and see if her meaty cock is still in place. ;)

2 Responses to “Ana Mancini photos – is she post-op???”

  1. Iron Dick Says:

    No way, I want her to keep her cock so much!!! But yeah, btw, the scene is hot – thanks! =)

  2. Mulder Says:

    Looking like a real girl here…

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